Thursday, May 26, 2016

Divination Use

Recently a very respected authority reviewed 333 Oracle, privately. He commented that he didn't think that 333 was effective as a divination tool. As an example, you might think of a question that you want an answer for and then select a random symbol. "Should I marry Hillary or Debbie?" "Will I get that job in Sacramento?"

  It may serve as a "fortune telling" source in some instances - you will need to try it out to see whether it serves this purpose for you. But 333 Oracle is much more of a contemplative, meditative tool. The symbols exist to open you up and to eventually help you generate your own symbols. It's a tool of conscious expansion. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convey these thoughts using the App Store description. There really doesn't seem to be a proper category or subcategory to describe 333 Oracle.

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